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Important Things to Remember About Motorcycle Accidents

Important Things to Remember About Motorcycle Accidents

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Important Things to Remember About Motorcycle Accidents

In New York, victims of motorcycle accidents must file a police report. As soon as possible, call the police and ask them to investigate the accident. The police can help gather evidence. If you can’t do this yourself, you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you file a claim. After all, you have the right to know the truth about the other driver, right? Here are some important things to remember about motorcycle accidents in New York:

Left-turning cars

Important Things to Remember About Motorcycle Accidents
Important Things to Remember About Motorcycle Accidents

Regardless of your reason for riding a motorcycle, you should be aware of oncoming traffic, especially if you are in the left lane. Drivers who make a left turn on a motorcycle often experience double the force of the crash. The impact forces of a motorcycle left-turning collision are equivalent to 12 tons of weight being dropped on the rider. A left-turning car has the potential to kill a motorcycle rider, as well as severely injure others.

Blind spots

A motorcycle accident caused by a vehicle’s blind spot is likely to result in serious injuries for both the driver and the motorcyclist. If the driver fails to look into the motorcycle’s blind spot before changing lanes or making a turn, they could slam into the motorcycle and cause serious damage. Some common injuries from a motorcycle accident caused by blind spots include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding, and disfigurement.

Fender benders

A fender bender is a relatively low-impact collision that can have serious consequences. Soft tissue injuries, or whiplash, can occur in such collisions and cause significant pain and discomfort. These injuries may take weeks, months, or even years to fully heal, and some victims may experience the impact for the rest of their lives. Here are the steps you should take after being in a fender bender motorcycle accident.


Many reasons can contribute to a motorcycle accident at an intersection, including a distracted or drunk driver. Motorcyclists should also be on the lookout for pedestrians, as well as other vehicles and motorcycles. When in doubt, always use defensive driving techniques, such as slowing down or pulling to the side of the road when an oncoming car appears. Motorcycle accidents at intersections can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. It is therefore vital to know the best ways to protect yourself.

Lane changes

In California, drivers make unsafe lane changes often. These changes put everyone on the road at risk and are responsible for more than two hundred traffic deaths every year. Drivers should check for motorcycles in the opposite lane and avoid making lane changes unless they are absolutely necessary. Failure to do so can cause serious injuries to a motorcycle rider. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, consider the following:

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