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A Motorcycle Rider Was Rear-ended on a City Street

A Motorcycle Rider Was Rear-ended on a City Street

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If you ride a motorcycle on city streets, you need to be extra careful. It is possible that a car could rear-end you on a city street. There are many reasons this can happen, including distracted driving and double parking. Speeding and inexperienced drivers are all possible. These four factors can lead to a fatal accident. These tragedies can be prevented by learning how to protect your bike and yourself.

Distracted driving

Talking on a cell phone while driving puts lives at risk. Distracted driving has been linked to more than half of all fatal traffic accidents, and it is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Distracted driving can be caused by a variety reasons.

One study shows that teen girls are twice as likely as adult males to use electronic devices while driving. A third study showed that distracted driving was responsible for thirteen percent of all fatal accidents involving cellphone use. While stop and go traffic and alcohol use can all play a role, distracted driving is a major contributing factor in many accidents. When a driver is talking on their cell phone, they fail to slow down or stop at a stop sign, and end up hitting the motorcycle rider on the side of the road.

Several common causes of rear-end collisions involve distractions from cell phone use. Distracted drivers are more likely to text messages or use their cell phone when they are in slow traffic. Some rear-end collisions cause only minor damage to the other car, but others result in severe injuries. Other types of texting-driving collisions include head on collisions, wrong-way collisions, and intersection collisions. Distracted drivers are less likely than others to react when their vehicle breaks down suddenly or is in poor shape.

Inexperienced drivers

Inexperienced drivers often make drastic reactions to avoid dangerous situations. They may be following too closely or suddenly stopping, which compromises the safety of both the motorcycle rider and other motorists. Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs can also encroach on the right of way. Drivers inexperienced with the rules of the road may believe that the odds are in their favor, but the reality is much different. Rear-end accidents can cause injuries to both the motorcycle rider and the driver.

A Motorcycle Rider Was Rear-ended on a City Street
A Motorcycle Rider Was Rear-ended on a City Street

Poor visibility is another common cause of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle riders are often not aware of other road users and do not expect drivers to see them. Drivers should wear reflective clothing and use their lights to signal turns. Avoid sudden lane changes, and the signal at intersections if possible. This will increase the likelihood of being seen by other motorists. This is especially important for dark conditions.

Inexperienced drivers who rear-end motorcycle riders often do not have proper licenses and should practice riding safely. Moreover, drivers should practice avoiding road hazards. Inexperienced drivers should avoid lane splitting. This is illegal in Massachusetts and can increase the risk of losing control of the motorcycle. A rider’s safety is always their top priority. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you need legal help. An experienced san jose motorcycle accident attorneys can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Double parking

A motorcycle rider was rearended on a city street because a car suddenly swerved across the bike’s lane without signaling. The driver could easily have seen the motorcycle if he made a reasonable effort to determine if the lane change was safe. The motorcycle rider lost control and crashed into the car. A similar scenario occurred in a different state.

Due to the sun’s glare, the rear-ending driver is unable to see the traffic light. The driver doesn’t see the red light and accelerates towards the motorcycle rider. The motorcyclist suffers severe injuries as a result of the accident. The driver receives a text message on the cellphone and looks down for two seconds to verify his phone. The motorcyclist is sitting idle in his lane of travel. The driver then crashes into a motorcycle rider.


The motorcycle rider was hit by a car and the driver caused the crash. After seeing the motorcycle, the driver of a white SUV panicked and hit the Victory’s side. The victim suffered whiplash and four misaligned discs in the back from the collision. The accident took place on a suburban Atlanta street. Although the driver is still at large and is not in custody, this is a horrible example of how a driver could rear-end a motorcyclist.

Most motorcycle accidents are the result of speeding. Motorcycles have limited protection compared to cars, and most people assume the reckless driving of the car driver was the cause. It is possible that the motorcycle rider is to blame for the lane splitting, which is a violation of New York State law. This type of crash is typically fatal. A lawyer can help determine liability in such an incident. A speeding motorcycle rider can also be sued for damages to his property or medical expenses.

Another type of motorcycle crash is the one that involved a drunk driver. This driver did not slow down enough to recognize the motorcycle rider. This caused the driver to rear-end the rider, which led to a deadly collision. Other types of motorcycle accidents involve weaving and following too closely to another car. Left-turn accidents can be even worse. It’s very likely that both the motorcycle rider and the drunk driver will die if they rear-end one another.

Motorcyclists who are not protected

Motorcyclists often fail to consider the dangers of motorcycles and cause many motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and can be difficult to see, especially in poor weather. Motorcycles are often rearended by vehicles turning left. The mismatched forces of the motorcycle and car are what make them so dangerous. Motorcyclists who are not protected have no protection and a rear-ended vehicle could be able to crush their heads.

Improper driving is another reason for motorcycle accidents. Drivers who fail to observe the motorcycle ahead and who follow too closely often are more likely to rear-end a motorcycle. Drivers that fail to see motorcycles ahead, speed up, or follow too closely without looking are all reasons why a motorcycle can rear-end another vehicle. A driver who fails to watch for motorcycles on the road may also attempt to avoid them by using unsafe driving maneuvers such as weaving between vehicles or passing a car ahead in the same lane.

Children can also be hurt in these situations, as well as motorcyclists who are not properly protected. While helmets may prevent a child from falling out of the bike, their legs may be too short. A left-turning car could hit a child, causing the driver not to see the child and to rear-end the motorcyclist. The child could be forced off the bike by police in severe crashes. If the child is seriously injured, the operator may be charged with child endangerment. If the child is too short, consider purchasing a bike that has footrests and a seat that have footrests.

Left-hand turns

Several states have laws requiring drivers to yield to oncoming traffic when making left-hand turns. The oncoming vehicle could be held responsible if the turn is not done with care. However, in some cases, the driver making the left-hand turn is not at fault. Listed below are examples of cases in which the driver is at fault. You should always wait until oncoming traffic has passed to make sure that no oncoming vehicle is in the way.

A left-hand-turning driver may not be at fault if oncoming traffic was moving too fast. It may not be possible to hold the driver accountable if they did not follow traffic laws in such cases. However, it is possible that the driver who rear-ended the motorcycle did not see the oncoming vehicle coming. This can be dangerous in cities where left-hand turns are common.

A motorcycle rider was rearended on a street in the city as another example of an inattentive left hand-turn. These cases are when the motorcycle rider is most likely hit by a car turning left and trying to pass another vehicle. The accident is more likely to happen because the car’s position on a road is more prominent than the motorcycle. According to the NHTSA almost half of fatal motorcycle crashes were caused by a left turn.

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