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Important Things to Remember After a Motorcycle Accident in Construction Territory

Important Things to Remember After a Motorcycle Accident in Construction Territory

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After a motorcycle accident in a construction zone, you should immediately seek medical attention. You may have hidden injuries that take time to show themselves. It is a good idea also to file a police complaint. You can include important information such as the contact information of the other driver, witnesses, and construction workers. Make sure you keep these details in a safe place. This information may help you obtain compensation after an accident. Listed below are some important things to remember after a motorcycle accident in construction territory.

Distracted or inattentive driving

Distracted or inattentive drivers are responsible for many fatal traffic accidents. Distracted drivers often don’t realize they are riding a motorcycle, even though they may be hundreds of miles away. Distracted drivers are unable to react to motorcycles, which could lead to a serious motorcycle accident. A personal injury san jose motorcycle accident attorneys can help a victim of distracted or inattentive driving recover damages. This article will discuss some of the most common distractions that can lead to accidents and how you can avoid them.

The study showed that distracted or inattentive drivers were more likely to be involved in crashes during the week than on weekends. The study also showed that distracted drivers were more likely to be at fault on weekdays than weekends. However, distracted driving was most prevalent on suburban roads and less common on rural roadways. Distracted driving is most common in the evening and midday. Drivers in construction territory were most likely to be inattentive or distracted at these times.

Inattentive driving and distracted driving are the main reasons for motorcycle accidents in construction areas. This distraction is caused by a variety of factors. These distractions include visual distractions like texting while driving, tuning your radio dial, or looking at roadside accidents. Drivers with distracted eyes and minds cannot recognize dangers that could be life threatening. Cognitive distractions include daydreaming, focusing on work, or worrying about the future. Manual distractions include eating behind the wheel, using a cell or taking your hands off of the wheel.

You should immediately contact the police if you are a victim in a motorcycle accident. The police report will document the accident and provide valuable evidence for the case. To avoid confusion later, make sure you give clear details about what happened. Contact a lawyer if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. Do not wait to seek legal representation. There are no excuses to be a victim of distracted driving or inattentive driving accidents.


Potholes can cause accidents for any motorist, but motorcyclists are at greater risk. A cyclist who rides into a pothole may be thrown off course, collide with a stationary object, or suffer an injury from the force of impact. Potholes that are not repaired can also lead to fatalities. Pothole-related accidents can also be blamed on the government.

The road’s maintenance is performed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). TDOT may allow an accident victim to file a claim if they can prove that they were aware of the dangerous condition for a long time and failed to correct it. Another claim may be filed against the town or state that maintains the road, and in some states, the federal government.

Important Things to Remember After a Motorcycle Accident in Construction Territory
Important Things to Remember After a Motorcycle Accident in Construction Territory

Unmarked construction zones are another common cause of motorcycle accidents. They can also cause traffic slowdowns and sudden halts without warning. And because they’re unmarked, they may also cause cyclists to stop suddenly and in an unsafe lane. Be aware of unsafe conditions and check the road conditions before you travel in unfamiliar areas. If there is a difference in height, a motorcycle accident can be even more dangerous.

Motorcyclists should avoid dangerous construction zones. Injuries caused by poorly maintained or poorly designed roads can be the result of a negligent driver. A negligent driver could be held responsible for any injuries sustained in an accident caused by a construction zone. An accident involving negligent road construction requires thorough investigation and review. Experts in road construction, motorcycle accident reconstruction, and mechanical design may be called in to gather evidence that can support the case. Medical experts and life care planners will be consulting to determine the extent of the injuries and the estimated costs of recovery.

Unrepaired road barriers

Roadway construction companies have many options for traffic barriers to block work zones. But traffic barricades are not an effective solution on their own. Flaggers must be skilled in properly deploying these barriers. They combine a keen eye with a quick reflex to monitor changing road conditions and traffic flow. These flaggers help ensure safe work zones while minimizing road damage. Construction territory that has not been repaired can pose a serious safety risk.

Roadside barriers are not only functional but also attractive, and provide safety precautions for construction sites. While some are designed to deter motorists from stepping into construction zones, others are used to contain traffic, keep pedestrians safe, and protect construction workers. Roadside barriers serve the same purpose, regardless of their location: to protect workers from injury. There are many types of roadside barriers available.

Concrete barriers are especially effective in holding vehicles back. For example, the Texas Department of Transportation developed a 510-mm (20-in) portable concrete barrier with a 2.8-degree reverse slope. These barriers were tested at 72 km/h with a pickup truck and found to have enough cross-sectional area for transferring lateral forces to passing cars. You should install temporary barriers if you plan to use portable concrete barriers in a work zone.

Concrete safety shape barriers can also be an option. They offer a more consistent performance than concrete barriers with a vertical face. These barriers are essential for resurfacing, especially on ramps. They can support an asphalt overlay of up to 255 mm (10 inches).

Potholes that have not been repaired

A pothole that has not been repaired in Tennessee may have caused a recent motorcycle accident. According to WSMV, a male motorcycle driver struck a pothole and his female passenger flew off the motorcycle. The female passenger sustained serious injuries but was able to stabilize her condition. The male was not hurt. The Tennessee Department of Transportation closed the eastbound lanes to repair the pothole, which likely caused the accident or worsened the existing pothole.

Some potholes may be the responsibility of the city, while others are not. For example, a food truck might have melted ice on the road, and the pothole may not be marked, and a utility hole cover could have been uneven, obscuring the pothole. These hazards can increase the likelihood of a motorcycle accident. If you were a victim of a motorcycle accident in a construction zone, you may be able to sue the city and the construction company for negligence.

You have a very short window to file a claim against negligently maintained roads. Unfortunately, the law does not protect you from the government for longer periods of time. If the pothole isn’t fixed, you still have time to file a claim. You must notify PennDOT or Pennsylvania Department of Transportation that the pothole is dangerous, and file a lawsuit within one year.

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